Jason Murff

Not Broken

Scroll through the Grill Your Ass Off (GYAO) Instagram page.  You will see pictures of the owner Jason Murff and his crew having a great time behind the grill and in front of the camera.  The forward-facing images on social media don’t show Jason’s gripping and raw backstory.   

Over the past few years, Jason has grown GYAO into a brand seen on mainstream media channels and stores throughout the country.  But, before Jason became a successful entrepreneur, he had a different story.  A story that revolved around a burning childhood dream and a commitment to serve the nation. 

When Jason left high school for the “real world,” he ventured into business for a time.  Still, he felt a driving urge to serve.  An urge to chase a childhood dream of serving in the U.S. Army’s storied 75th Ranger Regiment.   Jason walked down to the recruiter’s office.  Jason enthusiastically signed on the dotted line, ready to serve and earn a spot in the highly selective Ranger Regiment. 

Jason did it; he chased that dream and joined as an Infantryman, the first step to becoming a Ranger.  Jason reported to Fort Benning, Georgia’s Home of the Infantry, and felt at home among the grunts [term for Infantry soldiers].  As the days passed, Jason felt more and more ready to graduate and enter the famed 75th.  

As graduation approached, fate had other plans for Jason.  As Jason’s Drill Sergeants passed out assignment orders, Jason’s heart sank as his orders sent him far from the Ranger Regiment to the confines of the historic Old Guard

Jason reported to the Old Guard but still held on to his dream of earning his Ranger tab and making his way into the 75th.   Time passed, and Jason attended as many military schools as he could, bolstering his Army resume for when the time came to make his pitch to get to the Ranger Regiment. 

Fate rang again as Jason suffered an egregious injury that ended his chances of ever earning his Ranger Tab and saw him expelled from the privilege of serving as a member of the Honor Guard.  In such a short period, Jason saw his life completely turn askew.  Jason felt a pain that transcended physical.  The pain hit deep into his being, changing his life’s trajectory.    Jason felt broken as he left the Army.

The thing is, the Army didn’t break Jason.  Instead, it ignited a passion for business and entrepreneurship that was already there.  As a result, Jason has gone on to build highly successful businesses and pen his first cookbook.  

Jason’s story has just begun.

You can find Jason’s story in the upcoming book, PIVOT, by Dr. Jason Piccolo. Also, follow Jason Murff on social media and order some GYAO.