Robert "Bobby" Chacon | The Bodies

Bobby recalls the recovery of children from the depths of dark waterways

Interview #2:  Robert “Bobby” Chacon.  Bobby discussed his transition from the FBI to becoming a full-time expert consultant and writer.  As we talked, Bobby told me about his career from street agent to heading up the FBI’s dive team.  Below is a part of our discussion.  Look for the remainder of our talk in my upcoming book (Unititled). 

The bodies. That is what Bobby remembered when he explored the possibility of a career change. You see, Bobby spent years as an FBI dive team member and later leader. In those years, he had to recover bodies from the dark depths of waterways. Depths filled with darkness and death. Bobby recalled the worst of the recoveries involved children. Bobby knew his post-retirement career wouldn’t be spent navigating the depths. Bobby needed a change.

I spent some time recently talking with Robert “Bobby” Chacon. Bobby spent a career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) going after the worst of the worst, from the Mafia to Jamaican Gangs. However, Bobby seemed to spend more of his career with the street-hardened detectives of the NYPD than he did with suit-clad FBI agents, and you can tell in his conversations how that changed him. From working murder scenes with homicide detectives to busting down doors searching for murderers, Bobby saw a lot in his decades of service. But one thing kept coming back, the death he saw as a diver (Listen to Clip).

Bobby sought a change when he retired and found it behind a keyboard this time. Not a dive tank or the sights of a gun, but a keyboard. Through luck or fate, Bobby found himself as a technical advisor for a television series and later as a writer for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Bobby pivoted. His transition from agent to civilian wasn’t easy by any means. But he is succeeding. 

Find Bobby on mainstream media nightly as an expert consultant from CourtTV to CNN to NewsNation and beyond.